ALBUM: PVRIS – White Noise

Release Date: November 4th, 2014
Label: Rise Records


Female-fronted American rock band PVRIS have been making quite a name for themselves lately. Touring with heavyweights Tonight Alive has allowed them to properly showcase their sound in the form of their debut full-length release, ‘White Noise’. This record demonstrates perfectly why there is such a buzz around the band, packed with solidly performed heavy numbers dispersed around the occasional mellower track to add something different to the record.

Opening number, ‘Smoke’, introduces the band as they mean to continue with electro sounds over a heavy guitar, and the vocals of front woman Lynn Gunn powering over the top. This leads into the LP’s lead single, ‘St. Patrick’, which immediately becomes a firm favourite along with other heavier numbers ‘Ghosts’ and ‘My House’. These tracks all feature a performance impressive enough to warrant a comparison to the early work of VersaEmerge (now known as VERSA) with such impressive vocals throughout.

Adding some diversity to the album, PVRIS take a calmer approach to some tracks such as ‘Holy’ and ‘Eyelids’, which aren’t only instrumentally haunting but lyrically distinguished, really making them stand out. The effects provided by the keyboards floating in the background of these more subdued tracks are reminiscent of electro-pop soloist Lights‘ latest work, and is done just as well. It really allows the band to display the full range of talent and ability they have to offer.

‘White Noise’ is a fantastic album which really explains the hype around this up-and-coming band. Filling a gap in the market somewhere between former bands InnerPartySytem and VersaEmerge, PVRIS have the potential to gain much more success and take the music scene by storm. Perfect for any fans of bands with a strong frontwoman such as The Pretty Reckless or Flyleaf, the future definitely looks bright for this American trio.

Written by Jonathon Barlow (@Narlow1)