ALBUM: Punk Goes… – Pop 3

Release Date: November 2nd, 2010
Label: Fearless Records
Website: None available


Year after year, the Punk Goes… series issues release after release, featuring a host of the label’s biggest and most popular artists at the time. Recently it’s been covering other artists’ work, such as the most recent ‘Punk Goes Classic Rock’, released earlier in the year. The third of the Punk Goes Pop series is the latest addition to the catalogue though, and like its two predecessors it’s mostly laughable.

We all know it’s all for a bit of fun, and each cover shouldn’t be taken as a serious effort from its respective band, but that’s no real excuse to produce a bunch of pretty crap covers. Woe, Is Me‘s take on Katy Perry‘s hit ‘Hot ‘N’ Cold’ is dense in non-formulaic breakdowns, Artist Vs. Poet‘s version of Lady Gaga‘s ‘Bad Romance’ is just a bit of a mess, and The Ready Set‘s cover of B.o.B.‘s recent success ‘Airplanes’ has been downgraded from its original greatly. It’s also not any word of exaggeration to say that Cute Is What We Aim For‘s take on ‘Dead And Gone’ and This Century‘s working of M.I.A.‘s ‘Paper Planes’ could well be the worst pieces of work the Punk Goes… series has released thus far.

Thankfully there’s a few pieces on here that are worth at least one listening; Breathe Carolina keep true to the original ‘Down’ if you keep the screamed bridge aside, Asking Alexandria‘s beefed up working of Akon‘s ‘Right Now (Na, Na, Na)’ is a fun altered perceptive on an already poor song, and Mayday Parade carry the crown for best cover on the release for their efforts on Jason Derülo‘s popular single ‘In My Head’.

As ever with the recent Punk Goes… releases, there are only ever really 3 or 4 songs worth making an effort to digest. Most of the time the remaining three quarters of the releases is utter garbage, and sadly ‘Punk Goes Pop 3’ is no exception to the rule.

Written by Zach Redrup