ALBUM: Punk Goes… – Classic Rock

Release Date: April 27th, 2010
Label: Fearless Records
Website: None available


Everyone loves a good cover, so long as it’s executed well and doesn’t sound exactly like the original. If it did then what would be the point in covering it? The Punk Goes… series has been following this ethos for a while now, but since it began with Punk Goes Metal in 2000, it seems things have only gone downhill with the newest addition to the catalogue; Punk Goes Classic Rock.

Where as the Punk Goes Pop releases were all fun and encaptured interesting renditions of radio success stories both old and new, …Classic Rock is a far more bland and uptight project. As always, the different faces and fronts of unforgetable songs of yore are there. VersaEmerge’s take on the ever popular ‘Paint It Black’ brings a whole new electronic and theatrical persona to the memorable Rolling Stones hit, and The Almost taking the job of ‘Free Fallin” and smoothing it out for a younger audience is a success.

It’s a shame such efforts aren’t carried out throughout the album, as about 75% of the whole thing isn’t far from absolute garbage. Forever The Sickest Kids bring yawn after yawn to Ozzy Osbourne‘s rifftastic ‘Crazy Train’, and Queen are the victim to being slaughtered twice in one sitting by both Mayday Parade and NeverShoutNever.

Punk Goes… is clearly going in the wrong direction and making wrong decisions with their latest projects. Let’s hope the next one could be the one to lift them back up from the ground they’ve fallen on.

Written by Zach Redrup