ALBUM: Press To Meco – Good Intent

Release Date: October 16th 2015
Label: Best Before Records


Crawley power trio Press To Meco dip in and out of inventive rock and prog, and make full use of their three singers to create a sound that amalgamates everything that has succeeded in underground British music over the last few years. ‘Good Intent’ shines brightly for a debut album; heavy riffs, interesting layered vocals, and melodic sections have placed Press To Meco in good stead to fill a gap that’s opened up on the rock scene as substantial bands have cleaned up and tightened for commercial popularity.

The daringly varied elements between every song on ‘Good Intent’ leave the listener on edge at all times, unknowing of what’s around the corner. ‘Diffusion Of Responsibility’ enters with a fast Lower Than Atlantis-esque hook, and maintains an exciting tempo with guitar rock-outs between lyrics, whereas the brilliant ‘Apprehension’ hits home with a cleverly penned peaceful tune that although softens the vocals, still has a beastly tone that gives it that added bite.

‘Honestly’ has a large case of the Enter Shikaris with gang vocal shouting in the middle of a verse on the back of a relaxed build-up, but is immediately knocked back with a deep growl, which easily combines with an original chorus to ice the cake. The raw and fresh production that Press To Meco bring to the album just shouts “new band”, but it works brilliantly for the South Londoners who incorporate it into the subtle undertones. ‘Ghost’ is a great rock track that benefits hugely from the rusty approach, so when the riffs hit after a chilled chorus, it feels like it’s making a huge chunky impact.

‘Good Intent’ is the kind of album that critics look back at after a band’s fourth album and talk about how the future was so bright and the impression they were sure to make. Too many British rock bands struggle to make a dent in the industry, but Press To Meco have enough creativity about them to delve further than many before them, and, as long as they can push themselves further than they have for album number one, then there are certainly exciting times ahead for the band.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)