ALBUM: Phoenix Calling – Our Last Hearts

Release Date: November 17th 2017
Label: The Fort


Two years following their highly acclaimed debut album, ‘Forget Your Ghosts’, Cambridge based alt rockers Phoenix Calling are back with their sophomore full-length effort, ‘Our Lost Hearts’. Since the release of their debut in 2015, the band have gathered serious media attention with their catchy sound and vocals.

Making a sophomore album is always difficult; the pressure is on, and expectations are high. Phoenix Calling have successfully released an album that is full of power anthems and strong vocals. Beginning with ‘Atlas’, an adrenaline shot of energy and volume immediately sets the album on a high. The drum beat is met with a thick layer of guitar that completely engross the vocals.

A great album opener, it highlights the strong vocals of frontman Steven Chapman, and the band’s ability to blend both vocals and melody together without one becoming too powerful. Tracks such as ‘Lose This’, ‘This Town Belongs To Everyone’, and ‘Sins And Thieves’ similarly showcase Phoenix Calling‘s pure talent.

Blending rock with pop-punk, ‘Our Lost Hearts’ is an album that could easily inspire stadium sized sing-alongs in the future. Lead single, ‘Time Runs Out’, is incredibly catchy and highlights how the band is made for live venues and performances. Most tracks on this album will create a high energetic atmosphere when played live, showcasing the band’s talent to create an album that sounds good on both record and live.

Rather than just having an album full of power anthems, Phoenix Calling mix it up and present a variety of styles. ‘Along The Way’ and ‘Fifty Four_Forty Seven’ are prominent stand outs. Stripping back the drums, the former of the two simply uses guitars and the vocals as the main focus, creating an eerie tone whilst also presenting a sense of nostalgia for old school pop-punk emotional tracks such as the likes of Blink-182 and Boys Like Girls. Showcasing their impressive vocal and lyrical talent, these tracks separate the band from being like any other rock band with the same musical sound.

From start-to-finish, Phoenix Calling have created a solid record that has an incredible sound. Each track is equally as captivating as the next, with incredible vocals and melodies, proving once again that Phoenix Calling can deliver a powerful record. ‘Our Lost Hearts’ is a stellar sophomore effort, and ensures that the future looks bright for the Cambridge rockers.

Written by Hannah Strong (@hannaah_strong)