ALBUM: Phoenix Calling – Forget Your Ghosts

Release Date: April 13th 2015
Label: The Fort


Cambridgeshire based rock quintet Phoenix Calling are steadily making a name for themselves through festival appearances and some notable support slots. To add to their accomplishments, the band have now released their debut record, ‘Forget Your Ghosts’. As debut albums go, it’s a very impressive release, sounding very professional and well put together, which bodes very well for a fledgling band.

Instrumental ‘Ab Initio’ opens the album, leading seemlessly into strong first song ‘Hold On To Glory’ with solid guitar work from Dominic Greenwood and Martyn Hilliam providing a catchy riff running throughout the track. This is a similar set-up to later tracks ‘Awakening’ leading into ‘Bring The Roof Down’, both of which culminate in a huge chorus seeing the band come together as a whole and providing a top rock performance that you wouldn’t expect from a band’s debut release.

Frontman Steve Chapman allows his vocals to shine through, delivering the poignant lyrics on relatively subdued track and second single ‘Wasted Life’, with a similarly consistent performance on later track, ‘Angel’. Album highlights come in the form on first release from the record ‘Everybody Knows’ and ‘When We Were Young’, where every band member plays to the height of their ability, producing some great numbers.

Album closer ‘These Days’ is acoustically led, providing something different as it steadily crescendos to a great chorus. Though, the track gets slightly drawn out by the end at over 7 minutes. Although that may be one of the few criticisms of this album, showing the sheer ability this five-piece have, this can be their first step and, if they continue to create music of this calibre, there’s a bright future ahead of Phoenix Calling.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)

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