ALBUM: Periphery – Periphery III: Select Difficulty

Release Date: July 22nd 2016
Label: Sumerian Records


Pioneering and co-founding the much talked about ‘djent’ movement that has long since become over-populated and saturated with copycats, Periphery have swiftly proven to out grow and cast aside the shackles of any so-called scene. Last year’s double disc opus ‘Juggernaut’ showcased the band’s widescreen sonic vision to breath-taking effect, and the rather prompt emergence of this, the Washington sextet’s fourth full-length, shows no signs of their creative fertility fizzling out.

Opening up with the thudding syncopation of ‘The Price Is Wrong’, it’s fair to say that Periphery sound as muscular as they ever have, the likes of ‘Motormouth’ and ‘Prayer Position’ defined by there polyrhythmic punch and fidgeting, dork-friendly tech, yet perhaps embracing a leaner, more tunnel vision brutality than we have seen yet from the band.

Although, as one can rightly predict from such a shrewdly inventive bunch, ‘Select Difficulty’ is a dynamic whirlwind, the hulking melodicisms of ‘Remain Indoors’ and the gloriously shape shifting ‘Habitual Line Stepper’ (just check out that teeth shattering last two and a half minutes) throwing up so many sublime highs in the prog-metal melee that between the chin stroking, eight-string complexities, giant vocal hooks and succinct, groove driven pummel, it’s easy to get lost in the sensational peaks being hit.

Bowing out with ‘Lune’, a sumptuously elegant affair which straddles the line of ballad territory with its orchestral strains and sparkling melodies, Periphery leave us somewhat bewildered by their endless songwriting scope. By turns elaborate, delicate, unashamedly accessible and thunderously heavy, this is state-of-the-art ingenuity at its very apex, and, as if we needed any more clarification, etches Periphery‘s name that bit clearer into the pantheon of modern metallic greats.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)