ALBUM: Palisades – Palisades

Release Date: January 20th 2017
Label: Rise Records


If you’ve never heard of Palisades before, you’re about to hear a whole lot more of them. The New Jersey based troupe are back with their third studio self-titled album. Made up of Louis Miceli (vocals), Matt Marshall (guitar), Xavier Adames (guitar), Graves (producer/DJ), Brandon Elgar (bass/vocals), and Aaron Rosa (drums), Palisades are the best band you’ve never heard of.

As their already existing fanbase may be aware, Palisades lost two members since the release of their previous full-length ‘Mind Games’ in 2015, Brandon Reese and Earl Hasalan, who were replaced by Elgar and Graves respectively.

The new members’ influence is very noticeable in tracks such as album opener and lead single ‘Aggressive’. It kicks off with a Northlane-esque feel about it; heavy tight drums, meaty guitars, a wide range of electronic sounds, as well as backing vocals that compliment Miceli‘s vocals superbly.

Following number ‘Cold Heart (Warm Blood)’ is a song about a bad relationship, and one of the stronger moments on the record, which gives off styles similar to that of genre heavyweights Bring Me The Horizon. ‘Fall’ takes on a R&B style feel, with vocals from Miceli being rapped more than sung, and, surprisingly, it works.

‘Dark’ is the first real drop of tempo in the album, a more anthemic track that you could see being played in areas, before picking the energy right back up as we’re lead into ‘Through Hell’. It’s a slight call back to ‘Mind Games’, and has the trademark Rise Records artist heavy chugged opening, but definitely has the right sort of bounce.

The band’s third outing is their strongest output yet. It feels like Palisades have matured from the classic party metal style, into an actual good post-hardcore band, and this album boasts that. Let’s see more of this going forward please, boys.

Written by Callum Griffin (CalGriffinn)