ALBUM: Palisades – Mind Games

Release Date: January 13th 2015
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available


Music is an intriguing beast. No matter what gets churned out, a needle in the masses will like what they hear. ‘Mind Games’, the new album from New Jersey’s Palisades, is precisely that. This band definitely has some bloody talent, but who is this music aimed at? It mish mashes between genres throughout songs leaving a dazed look, yet seems like it’d fit snug in a festival setting.

The album’s opening track and lead single, ‘Player Haters’ Ball’, is a good little number, although gives the listener false hope on what’s going to follow. The song has an inviting opening followed by a well structured song. It’s a shame the same can’t be said about the other 33 minutes of album fillers.

‘Bad Girls’ further confuses the matter with the introduction of rap. This unnecessary rabble is not needed which gets worse with the over bearing use of synths. This isn’t the only song that has been tainted with an overloading, migraine initiation of EDM, because every song on the album has this issue. ‘Mind Games’ finishes with a song that could be well be a Hellogoodbye b-side, with just shy of 3 minutes of nothingness. Vocalist Lou Miceli had said “We are not holding back” in the build up to this album last year. Let’s hope for the band’s aspirations that he was telling a porky pie.

‘Mind Games’ must be accepted for what it is; an album enticing youngsters away from Avicii and into the arms of rock. It could work, slowly drip feeding misled teenagers into the world of rock music and beyond. Palisades have escaped with a semi-decent rating, as this album isn’t terrible and has a place on a teen’s iTunes library. For the sake of the band, the follow-up must improve or they’ll simply fall into the large ocean of mediocrity.

Written by Tom Griffiths (@tjgriff88)

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