ALBUM: Oxygen Thief – The Half-Life Of Facts

Release Date: June 16th, 2014
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings


Oxygen Thief‘s latest release, ‘The Half-Life Of Facts’, is filled with everything you could expect from the solo artist/three-piece. The name Oxygen Thief is a reference to someone who is so useless that all they do is waste oxygen by breathing and talking, often when they’re talking nonsense. This type of wit and irony shines through throughout the album. With undeniable punk elements throughout juxtaposed with acoustic and folk sides, the album is exciting and interesting straight from the opening chords.

The jury is still out on whether or not “exciting and interesting” is a good thing. For the most part, it seems it is. With songs like ‘Too Many Trees’ showcasing the energy and aggression present in the album. With catchy sing-along parts to some of the songs, and fluctuation of tempo and volume within songs like ‘Crowbars Up!’, it’s impossible to lose interest.

The songs seems so different that at first, it’s startling, but the more you listen, the more enjoyable it is. However, perseverance isn’t always a trait that one wants to use when listening to an album. That being said, it’s worth it. Lyrically, ‘The Half-Life Of Facts’ is humorous, satirical and intelligent. It’s not an album for all occasions, far from it infact, as there’s definitely an element of “you have to be in the mood” for this album. But, if you are, then it’s a brilliant listen.

Written by Orla Conway