ALBUM: Outline In Color – Jury Of Wolves

Release Date: November 14th, 2012
Label: BRKN Records


With album opener ‘The Kindling’, the listener is given an inclining into what the remainder of Outline In Color‘s debut full-length, ‘Jury Of Wolves’, may sound like. Nasal, high-pitched cleans, yes, it’s definitely in-tune, but it’s difficult to pin-point how much of this is down to natural talent and how much of it is down to the incorporation of the wonder that is auto-tune.

‘Another Nightmare’ is what you would expect from a band caught up in the new wave of that kind of post-hardcore/synthy thing going on: extremely high cleans, frantic synth/MacBook skills and the inevitable screams.

With the title-track ‘Jury Of Wolves’ sounding as though it could easily be a track from Memphis May Fire‘s 2011 offering ‘The Hollow’, equipped with a barrage of regular breakdowns, the down-tuned guitars and, yes, the wonders of nose-driven vocals and growls. Don’t get me wrong here, if you’re for some reason into this scene (and are still stuck in 2007), Outline In Color could well be the band for you. You could have their children and live happily ever after, but, they couldn’t be further from ‘my thing’.

The band perform well and their talent is completely unquestionable as they definitely know how to write a song with a hook to make the 15-year-old fringe crew sing along inanely. It’s also the case that the record has been produced well for this kind of genre, clean and ‘clicky’ almost.

‘Charlie Machine’ opens with an ‘inspirational’ few lines almost, before descending into the typicalities listed above, typicalities of which I cannot be arsed to list again with the added slightly more frantic guitar play. With compression after compression completed, we are greeted with ‘Karma Made Me An Arsonist’, the obligatory ‘melodic’ piece on this record. Everything about it is obligatory; obligatory structure, obligatory clean and rougher vocal styles as well as the obligatory frantic synth.

The band are decent enough to include the typical ‘Punk Goes Pop’-esque cover at the end of the record that comes in the form of *NSYNC classic, ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’. All that needs to be said is that this cover could be enough to tip Justin Timberlake over the edge and it’s probably best to end this review there.

Concluding note: if you like Memphis May Fire, you’ll probably like this band. If you don’t, you probably won’t, so you should just listen to Slayer instead.

Written by L.E.D.