ALBUM: Our Last Night – Younger Dreams

Release Date: June 16th 2015
Label: Unsigned


For fans of old school hardcore, post-hardcore, or pretty much anything other than modern day popular post-hardcore, Our Last Night‘s recent release would be far from their shopping list. In fact, it would be far from mine. But, truth be told, ‘Younger Dreams’ does have its high points.

Normally, in this age of bands trying to sound heavier than each other through an influx of breakdowns and screams, popular post-hardcore bands are a chore to listen to. It’s inevitable what’s to come as soon as the play button is hit and it’s just tiresome.

Our Last Night fall into the genre of post-hardcore, and this record shows no difference in that regard. The heavy guitars are present, and so are the melodic choruses. The clean vocals still offer an atypical pop-harmony style which comes with near enough every modern day band of this genre, while the guitars still offer nothing interesting worth pointing out.

But, while it may be easy to see this record for all its flaws, Our Last Night do have something different to offer here. They have tried to offer something of substance in terms of songwriting and hooks, as opposed to your throwaway formulas that you can probably find on any contemporary record label roster.

The band actually attempts to pull you in with more emphasis on melody, rather than using the schizophrenic formula of scream verses and clean choruses. Granted, the screams are still present, but the lack of their presence allows the record to grow in stature as it progresses, and makes the upcoming track more of a surprise instead of an expectation. Tracks such as ‘Home’ and the more intense ‘Imaginary Monster’ benefit from this style of songwriting.

Our Last Night are hardly a shining example for other bands as to how to write good modern post-hardcore music, and ‘Younger Dreams’ is not the best album of the genre thus far in 2015. But, the band is one of the better bands of the genre that have hit my e-mail inbox recently.

Written by Calvin Robinson (@CalvParty)