ALBUM: Our Last Night – Age Of Ignorance

Release Date: August 21st, 2012
Label: Epitaph
Website: None available


Ding! Ding! Ding! The award for the most emo sounding name goes to… Our Last Night. Although they may sport all the necessary fringes and frowns, Our Last Night aren’t all about angsty lyrics and bad screaming. No, no. They have taken the most popular elements of most metal bands today and mashed them all together. You have a few chunky breakdowns here and there, plenty of bouncy riffs, as well as many a-catchy chorus.

However, they have also inserted a lot of annoying aspects from other genres into their sound too. For example, opening track ‘Fate’ starts with some MIDI ensemble that makes them sound like a cheap version of Nightwish. While on paper this seems like a fairly original idea, when you actually listen to it, something just doesn’t sound quite right. The first few tracks are pretty predictable and hokey, like they’re trying to be the new Enter Shikari.

Originally, I was going to give this album 5/10, but once I hit track number 5 I was taken aback. After this point, the album takes a turn for the better with a diverse range of songs, two of which that spring to mind are ‘Liberate Me’ and ‘Voices’. Both songs sound incredible, are skillfully written and both are completely different. The former is this fast, heavy, amazing song that had me hooked from the very first catchy opening riff. It progresses to a powerful chorus with bold and impressive screams to back it up too. In contrast, the latter of the two is a softer acoustic number, that gives the band a chance to show off their tender side. In places, they sound a little similar to Dead By April (especially on ‘Conspiracy’), though not quite as heavy.

So, there you have it, Our Last Night as a prime example of not to judge a band on just one song. Having not listened to them before, I was willing to write them off as a below average wannabe band when I was just two songs into this album. By the end of it, I was adding most of their songs into my everyday playlist having been thoroughly won over. They have hit their prime and produced a thoroughly enjoyable album, well, at least for the most part. If I’m being frank, if you’re relatively open minded when it comes to your music, you will probably enjoy every song on here, I’m just being picky (it’s kind of my job).

Written by Andy Roberts