ALBUM: Our Hollow, Our Home – Hartsick

Release Date: March 3rd 2017
Label: Unsigned


‘Hartsick’ is the debut album by Southampton based melodic metalcore outfit, Our Hollow, Our Home, a band who only formed a few short years ago back in 201. However, despite this, the band have managed to have garnered quite a following, thanks to a relentless touring schedule and their 2015 EP, ‘// Redefine’.

With the clean vocals from guitarist Tobias Young sounding like they take a lot of inspiration from Ahren Stringer (The Amity Affliction) and Jason Cameron (Bury Tomorrow) with an upbeat (dare I day “poppier”) sound, for a lack of a better phrase, Young‘s cleans unlike some recent releases are well implemented through the record. They allow a nice break from ‘Hartsick’‘s heavier moments, which there are plenty of, and are as intense as any other metalcore band around. Yet, they also sound like they take influence from several other places instead of creating the standard generic sound.

‘Hartsick’ is an album that at times is fairly emotional; second track in ‘Loneshark’ gives a narrative from the perspective of someone that has lost a significant other. This is especially given with the lyrics “you will always be more than just a memory / Now I take this road alone / I know you’re watching over me”, which is a beautiful little piece at the end which can resonate with many.

There’s a bit of variety thrown into the mix, to ensure it’s not chugs and screaming from start to end. The clean vocals from Young, an acoustic rendition of ‘Throne To The Wolves’ as well as an instrumental interlude gives the listener variation.

Nothing in life is perfect. However, ‘Hartsick’ is as close to perfect as it gets. If Our Hollow, Our Home keep on releasing albums like this, they’ll go to the moon and back in the heavy music scene.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)