ALBUM: Otherwise – Peace At All Costs

Release Date: January 19th, 2015
Label: Century Media Records


It’s very easy to listen to Otherwise; the melodies are frequent and their mainstream rock sing-a-longs entice a wide audience into their music, not to mention that they’re very good at what they do. ‘I Don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures)’ and ‘Soldiers’ reigned supreme on their first major release ‘True Love Never Dies’ as an introduction to the Las Vegas band, and ‘Peace At All Costs’ continues in the same vein as they aim to follow in the footsteps of Theory Of A Deadman and Skillet to the forefront of the genre.

This latest offering from Otherwise is a real step forward into the spotlight as they play to their strengths and maintain quality throughout 14 tracks of hard hitting rock ‘n’ roll. Lead single, ‘Darker Side Of The Moon’, expresses how you can find comfort in darkness, but the track has no need to hide from the light, as the crisp, powerful trademark Otherwise sound is the perfect way for the band to return to the fold. The guitar riff is top class in the forefront before Adrian Patrick takes over the spotlight with his attention-demanding vocals as he takes you on a tour of his abilities before the solo politely interrupts him for an all round decent old-fashioned rock track.

‘Coming For The Throne’ combines the authoritative guitar lines with back-up chants and woahs that makes Five Finger Death Punch and Alter Bridge so successful for ultimate crowd participation.

Mainstream rock loves a good slow ballad, and Otherwise are happy to give the people what they want. ‘Walk Away’ gets the inevitable acoustic out for a heartfelt lighter-raising occasion that works well within the flow of the album, as does ‘All The Pretty Things’, with Patrick once again bringing his catchy vocals to make a good song a great one. Better yet, ‘Never Say’ has that special something to highlight it as a poignant peak on ‘Peace At All Costs’, and could hold the key for Otherwise to unlock the real heights of popularity.

There are a lot of bands trying to make it in this genre and it’s difficult to stick your head out in front, but if Otherwise can continue to show their diverse talent in songwriting through fast tracks like ‘The Other Side Of Truth’, then they’ll be just fine.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)