ALBUM: Obey The Brave – Mad Season

Release Date: June 2nd 2017
Label: Epitaph Records


Canadian metalcore heavyweights Obey The Brave are back with their third studio full-length, ‘Mad Season’. The album starts off with ‘On Thin Ice’, and automatically you’re thrown into the classic metalcore chugs. Along with the melodic choruses and breakdowns, all seems like business as usual in camp Obey The Brave.

After the third track, ‘On Our Own’, Alex Erian‘s vocal style seems to change up a little. He seems to opt for more of a nu-metal style in the record’s eponymous track yet, despite this, the song still holds that Obey The Brave flare to it, and brings forth a classic breakdown that comes through towards the end and pulls you straight back in.

‘Low Key’ is probably the hardest, most aggressive cut on the record, largely down to the aggressive delivery of the guitars, the shortness of the track, and the classic gang vocals.

‘Feed The Fire’ turns out to be a bit of a let down. It starts off well, and is definitely a track that you’ll be head banging to with the aid of some choppy guitars, but when the chorus comes in it ruins what could’ve been an above average track, yet once again, the breakdown sort of saves it from disaster.

Curtain closer ‘This Is It’ is also a bit of a disappointment, and leaves the record on a bit of a slump. They’ve decided to take on a more melodic number instead of a hard hitting banger to wrap things up, and it suffers as a result.

‘Mad Season’ is far form mad, and would be far more apt with the title ‘Okay Season’. There’s only going to be so many times that this band can get away with bang average tracks being saved by beefy hard hitting breakdowns, and now three albums deep, Obey The Brave are running short on these second chances.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)