ALBUM: Northlane – Singularity

Release Date: March 22nd, 2013
Label: UNFD
Website: None available


With more groove than a 70s disco, Northlane‘s second full-length, ‘Singularity’, tosses you in the mix of both sickening heaviness and cloud-like melody in a euphoric and uplifting, out of this world experience. Despite it being only a mere 34 minutes or so long, ‘Singularity’ still packs a major whollop to your rectum.

The album opens up with ‘Genesis’ in what is reminiscent of the world ending; shrieking guitars along with Alex Milovic‘s raw vocals amalgamate like a thunderstorm with rain showering down on your ear drums, creating an incredibly down tuned and aggressive hurricane.

‘Quantum Flux’ is the perfect showcase of exactly what Sydney’s Northlane are capable of, bringing in clean vocals and yet a more progressive and atmospheric sound along with it. It seems that there’s not a thing this band cannot do. It gets you thinking that there must be something in the clear Australian azure that produces bands with an incredible amount of talent such as these. Sure, there could be an improvement with the clean vocals, but that’s nothing but a mere spec of dust on an otherwise brilliant sophomore effort.

Going on leaps and bounds from its predecessor, 2011’s ‘Discoveries’, ‘Singularity’ descends you into the gravity free zone of life and creates a cacophony of noise that can only be described as transcending and uplifting. Definitely an album to check out, and I have no doubt in saying almost definitely a band to watch this year. They will be big, and that’s not so much a prediction, but merely a statement of fact.

With lyrics to scream into your hairbrush aplenty, a notable appearance from Drew York of Stray From The Path during ‘Masquerade’ and many moments of bedroom mosh, it’s without doubt that this will be in mine and many others’ top three albums come the end of the year. Listen and enjoy, need I say any more?

Written by Dom Wyatt