ALBUM: Nordic Giants – A Séance Of Dark Delusions

Release Date: April 27th 2015
Label: Kscope


Every now and then, a band comes along that truly redefines the way that music is even thought of as an art form. It may be a new style being performed, or a twist on an old classic, but in Nordic Giants‘ case, it’s to do with the audio-visual aspect. Loki and Roka are only two men on the surface, but when they play music, they’re an entire orchestra.

‘A Séance Of Dark Delusions’ is the hotly-anticipated debut from a mysterious duo who have been touring the world for the past few years, causing even the most hardened of rock fans to cry their little eyes out. Their talent pool is truly staggering, incorporating a list of instruments into their repertoire that would put your music teacher’s arsenal of triangles to shame.

It’s not just for show either. Every sound that is produced is carefully placed and meticulously planned, ensuring a final product that is timeless. ‘A Séance Of Dark Delusions’ is a tumultuous debut that has something for fans new and old.

For the masses who have been championing this relatively unknown pair for years gone by, there are some classic Nordic Giants tracks here to sink your tear ducts into. ‘Evolve Or Perish’ could well be THE defining Nordic Giants track in 50 years time, using the now well trodden formula of a voiceover track layered upon crashing instrumentals.

As for the rest that will likely seep their way into the live show, there’s the upbeat ‘Rapture’ (featuring dreamy vocals from Beth Cannon), the distant ‘Dissolve’ (featuring some heartaching vocals from Saturday Sun), and the dancey ‘Futures Dark’ (with Nadine Wild Palmer). The rest of ‘A Séance…’ is mostly made up of different material that leans more towards a shoegaze/acoustic sound, like ‘Give Flight To The Imagination’ with old guard Freyja.

The way that Nordic Giants use their instruments is truly something to behold. Drums have not had this much passion in them since ‘We Will Rock You’, and the piano & synth accompaniment creates a sound that truly sets this band ahead of their opposition. The only thing stopping ‘A Séance…’ from being a 10/10 album is that there just isn’t quite enough here. Your mouth still waters after one spin.

Despite the grandiose effort, judging Nordic Giants purely their musical output is like cooking with a peg over your nose. Never before has a band played to so many senses when performing live. They are hands down one of the best bands you will ever see live thanks to the wall of emotion that they convey not only through the airways, but in the videos that accompany them at each venue. If you see one band live this year, make it this one.

Written by MG Savage (@MGSavagewriter)