ALBUM: Nonpoint – The Return

Release Date: September 29th, 2014
Label: Razor & Tie


Put yourself back into the late 90s; the world is just getting its first glance into nu-metal with the likes of KoRn, Deftones and, most infamously, Limp Bizkit. One band that many people have forgot about amongst the list of these bands is Nonpoint. Keeping the strong grooves alive through their older songs, their new album ‘The Return’ will hope to make the same waves as the band did back in the late 90s/early 00s.

As soon as the first few seconds kick in, you can immediately tell that the guitar tones and riffs are one of their strongest yet. With the years going on, you can hear the more mature and somewhat technical guitar parts. It’s calmed down a lot more of the nu-metal nuances they have previously, but there are still hidden gems that trail back nostalgically into their roots, but for the most part it has more of a hard rock punch to each of their tracks.

Vocals wise, Nonpoint aren’t as gripping as they once were, but some of the melodies that are lined in tracks such as ‘Breaking Skin’ and ‘Take Apart This World’ highlight some of Elias Soriano‘s more powerful moments, but for the most part the tracks take a lot of the similar vocal routes throughout the entire record.

As the album progresses and gets closer to the end, it starts to feel a lot more same-y and generic. The band have put quite a bit of effort into ‘The Return’, but there’s nothing too special about this record aside from the guitar tones. The record doesn’t have the captivating sounds as they did back with their older albums such as ‘To The Pain’. Songs like ‘Bullet With A Name’ and ‘Alive And Kicking’ are some of the band’s bigger songs, and they have the intensity as some of the pioneering bands in the genre, but as far as the progression, they’ve taken a step backwards rather than forwards.

Written by Josh Palmer