ALBUM: No Consequence – IO

Release Date: April 1st, 2013
Label: Basick Records
Website: None available


IO’, the second release from progressive tech-metallers, No Consequence, sees the band adapting their devolved technical sound from their debut and shows them exploring a melodic sound. Also being their second release on Basick Records, No Consequence are showing the progress that they can become one of the “household” names in the genre, which in recent years has seen a rising popularity.

In line with other UK tech-metallers in the underground scene (Red Seas Fire, Monuments) and the UK Tech-Metal Fest; the genre is becoming increasingly more popular and with a release as strong as ‘IO’, it’s not difficult to see No Consequence becoming a household name in the immediate future of this scene.

As always evident with No Consequence, complexity is a key feature in all instrumental parts. In particular on songs ‘Sentient’ and ‘Enemy Of Logic’, guitarists Dan Reid and Harry Edwards are able to showcase their fantastic abilities. However, Tom Parkinson‘s bass lines are very prominent and exciting as well (see ‘Bury The Debt’) and drummer Colin Bentham keeps a solid pulsating drum technique on the album as a whole.

Kaan Tassan‘s vocal lines and melodies also fit in well with the music, overall as a whole the band are able to create an exciting and interesting sound; you won’t drop in and out, you’ll be hooked for the entire 12 tracks on show. If one track is to stand out, it is ‘Sentient’. Encompassing all of the aforementioned features, the melodies and breakdowns come together to give you a satisfied feeling of a truly technically heavy track.

Overall, ‘IO’ is an exciting new album from a promising and very gifted band. You’ll enjoy the complex technicality, the heavy breakdowns but also the strength of each song. This is highly recommended.

Written by Kieron Chastney