ALBUM: Nickelback – No Fixed Address

Release Date: November 17th, 2014
Label: Republic Records


The creative juices in the Nickelback camp have been running a little dry for a while now, but they have persevered, taking all the criticisms over the years and carrying on regardless. Although, with that said, latest effort ‘No Fixed Address’ is more of the exact same, even down to the name. The band recorded this album in several different locations therefore it had no fixed address. That’s honestly the best title that they could come up with.

If you liked Nickelback before then you’ll love this record, because it’s pretty much identical to what they’ve churned out over the past six years. However, if you look at this album for what it is, it’s pretty terrible. Opening track ‘Million Miles An Hour’ starts in a typical fashion, fairly heavy guitar work and Chad Kroeger‘s gruff vocals over the top. This particular song falls down in its lack of imagine lyrically. For example, they actually use the phrase “trippin’ balls”. Seriously.

This lyrical issue plagues the entire record. ‘Get ‘Em Up’ is filled to the brim with every stereotype from robberies in films, just in case you were worried they’d have an original idea. ‘She Keeps Me Up’ at one point features the phrase “Coca-Cola rollercoaster” for seemingly no other reason than it sounds catchy. Although, the guest vocals from Ali Tamposi at least bring something different to the table.

Trying out their new political stance on track ‘Edge Of A Revolution’, Nickelback churn out this album’s version of ‘When We Stand Together’, complete with gang vocals about change which all in all just sounds very forced rather than poignant. Later track ‘Got Me Runnin’ Round’ features a guest appearance from Flo Rida which is as odd as it sounds on a record attempting to be solid rock.

‘No Fixed Address’ has some slight redeeming features, but, all in all, unless you really like Nickelback, you aren’t going to hunt out the slight good qualities that a few and far between. Realistically, this album is not worth slogging through unless you love this band so much that they could record themselves throwing up into a bucket and you’d buy it. Actually, that might have been better.

Written by Jonathon Barlow (@Narlow1)