ALBUM: Nexilva – Eschatologies

Release Date: April 7th, 2014
Label: Ghost Music
Website: None available


Progressive death metallers Nexilva come out guns blazing on this slick and powerful debut, packed with atmosphere and raw technical skill. One of the first things that you notice about ‘Eschatologies’ is that the production quality is very high, not overproduced, but it retains a nigh-mechanical sense of grandeur and presence. This is particularly impressive considering that it’s Nexilva‘s first full-length record, and already they’re exhibiting a promising amount of talent.

There are few boxes that ‘Eschatologies’ fails to tick, when addressing a list of prog-death essentials. Unfettered brutality? Check. Haunting synth work? Check. Blistering drums and mammoth grooves? Double check. Throw in just the right amount of melody to keep things from going stale and some diverse and authoritative vocal work from Gary King and you’re on to a winner.

‘Evil Will Prevail’ is a solid example of a track that encompasses all that Nexilva have to offer, with some notable clean vocals which add yet another dimension to the band’s multitude of subtle style changes. An ever-fluctuating sea of rhythm changes and intricate riff work, Nexilva have managed to infuse their songs with a certain energy and drive.

These are the kind of songs you can listen to over and over again; their complexity and stimulating style washing away anything that might resemble boredom. Whether it’s the furious speed of tracks like ‘Necromancer’ or ‘Cybernetic Lucidity’, the slow chugging of ‘Premonitions’ or any of the other songs on ‘Eschatologies’, there’s a little something for every death metal fan, if somewhat polished, with a modern spin.

The instrumental interludes scattered throughout the record act as buffers, dissecting the album into chunks, and offering a brief respite in the form of artful and majestic fragments. These song snippets highlight the band’s innovation and proficiency, and act as a perfect intro and outro to the album.

‘Eschatologies’ is a triumphant and commanding debut, which effectively utilises poignant melody and thunderous metal fury. The use of keyboards throughout is exemplary, particularly in the way that it blends so smoothly with the guitar work. This Sunderland five-piece have created a compelling prog-death album, which maintains a high quality from start to finish.

Written by Ben Hammond