ALBUM: New Found Glory – Resurrection

Release Date: October 7th, 2014
Label: Hopeless Records


Floridian legends New Found Glory almost define the pop-punk genre after a blistering 17 year career, and continue to fly the flag as industry pioneers by maintaining their high standards to this day. Although the band may have hit their height of success during 2002’s ‘Sticks And Stones’ with hits like ‘My Friends Over You’, album number seven ‘Radiosurgery’ was a real reminder that the band are still the best on the circuit, and now ‘Resurrection’ looks to continue the trend of releasing solid, fun, melodic records that would be difficult for anyone not to enjoy.

First impressions of the album came in the form of opening track ‘Selfless’ back in August as the lead single, but failed to capture the immediate creativity that New Found Glory are capable of. Yet, the track moulds into a real grower after repeated listens, and can be fully appreciated by the October release of the record. On the contrary, ‘Ready And Willing’ fell straight onto the endless list of New Found Glory fan favourites as a catchy “wo-ooah” sing-a-long with a brilliant tongue-in-cheek accompanying video that pokes fun at pop sensations such as 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction.

The news of founding and now former guitarist Steve Klein due to allegations of lewd acts with a minor was surprising to say the least, and the now quartet are clearly using their music to voice their take on the situation, with ‘The Worst Person’ being the obvious stand out. Perhaps the lyrics are unnecessarily personal or just a way of the band making it clear how distant they are from the situation, but the song is unquestionably infectious and a perfect example of using varied tempo to emphasise the chorus.

From old friends to new, Bayside‘s own Anthony Ranieri pops up for a very welcome cameo on the ‘Radiosurgery’ hangover, ‘Stubborn’. Meanwhile, Scott Vogel of hardcore band Terror lends his back-up vocals to the title-track to add some extra oomph to proceedings.

Generally, ‘Resurrection’ is a very, very welcome addition to the back catalogue of New Found Glory, and it’s a real treat to watch a band still contribute so much to a music scene after such a long time. The band have never gone about major changes to their sound and stick to their blueprint of pop-punk gold, and when they’re still churning out songs like ‘Persistent’ at this stage in their career, there’s no reason to ever change.

Written by Michael Heath (@MikeBeef)