ALBUM: Neck Deep – Wishful Thinking

Release Date: January 13th, 2014
Label: Hopeless Records


Wrexham’s Neck Deep have written the pop-punk record that the UK has been threatening to unleash for years. ‘Wishful Thinking’ is a prime cut of British beef, rammed full of singalong sections, fast-paced catchy pop punk, and memorable moments.

Neck Deep already had a huge following behind them for a band with 2 EPs to their name coming into 2014. ‘Rain In July’ was a solid introduction to the band, but it lacked the production qualities to really make a mark in this genre. 2013, however, saw the release of ‘A History Of Bad Decisions’; 3 tracks of excellent pop-punk attitude that put Neck Deep on the map and punched a hole in many ‘Who to look out for in 2014’ lists, including our own (here). ‘Wishful Thinking’ is composed of 12 new tracks for fans of the genre to become submerged in (including one old number, a re-recording of ‘What Did You Expect?’).

The first signs that Neck Deep were a band to shake a stick at came in the form of single releases ‘Growing Pains’ and ‘Crushing Grief (No Remedy)’. Each track is a plum cut from ‘Wishful Thinking’, featuring all the qualities that a pop-punk band needs to rise above the rest in 2014. Providing the beautiful sounding instrumentals are Lloyd Roberts (guitars), Matt West (guitars) and Fil Thorpe-Evans (bass), and taking the whole thing to the next level are Dani Washington‘s ferocious drums and Ben Barlow‘s powerful vocals.

Neck Deep are the UK’s answer to The Story So Far. Any track from ‘Wishful Thinking’ can stand up straight to anything off ‘What You Don’t See’, including ‘Damsel In Distress’, a song about, of course, partying and girls. There’s not really anything here that’s particularly trailblazing, and it’s pretty clear that Neck Deep live off a staple diet of pizza and Carlsberg, but that just adds to the chill atmosphere throughout.

You really have no excuse to ignore Neck Deep anymore. If you have even a fleeting interest in pop-punk, you need to hear ‘Wishful Thinking’ just to let it burn a hole in your stereo. Neck Deep are out on their very own UK tour at the moment and are already playing to sold out crowds. When they’re finished with that, they’ll be heading off on tour supporting We Are The In Crowd. Maybe that tour should be the other way around.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)

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