ALBUM: Neck Deep – Life’s Not Out To Get You

Release Date: August 14th 2015
Label: Hopeless Records


Having been stirring up hype since 2012 throughout the gig scene in Britain, Welsh quintet Neck Deep are gaining momentum incredibly fast. Playing the main stage at Reading & Leeds Festival weekend off of the back of this album, ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’ proves that their relentless touring efforts are really beginning to pay-off.

The album is the band’s second full-length record, and continues with the buoyant pop-punk seen on their other releases. Songs such as the superb duo ‘Gold Steps’ and ‘Kali Ma’ are highlights and the peak of the ferocious sound on this album. Both are anthems in their own right, and are reasons why the band can do things like play to huge festival crowds and succeed in doing so.

Other tracks can be likened to these, but don’t always hit the mark as well. ‘Citizens Of Earth’ and ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ are great songs, and fit well into the track listing of the LP. However, they don’t meet the mark just as well. The scathing guitars and mid-tempo beats can still provide a good listen, but lack a real punch of exuberance that’s needed in the music.

‘December’ is a strong acoustic number that sits towards the tail end of ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’, and serves to fill the ballad space for the record. While the track is quite a tender one that focuses on being alone, with some lovely melodies all through, it almost feels like they put this on the album to re-ignite the fire of their big hit, ‘Part Of Me’. It seems like it was included to try and reach that success again, and maybe even potentially gain more radio-play.

Overall, Neck Deep has provided a good record with moments of true greatness that they will grow into in the near future. Some points shine slightly brighter that others, but all aim to provide a great listen, one that is best suited to sunny climates. With loads of good intentions and vibes, the band will no doubt grow and expand their sound on the next record, and will be intriguing to see the outcome.

Written by Ewan MacDonald