ALBUM: Natives – Indoor War

Release Date: March 17th, 2014
Label: Transmission Records


It seems like forever since Not Advised announced their rebranding to Natives with their sights set on a fresh start, but setbacks have delayed the release of ‘Indoor War’ for so long that perhaps people have even forgotten about the old days. A blessing in disguise for the New Forest band who’ve taken their time in producing the album that they wanted, and it’s paid off. Their debut album is packed with addictive choruses and energetic melodies perfect for the warm weather months ahead.

A beautiful piano introduction starts album opener, ‘War Inside Of Me’, and combines effectively with Jim Thomas‘ soft vocals delicately building a crescendo while the band gradually join the song. The build-up quickly explodes into last summer’s single, ‘This Island’, a superb dancey pop-rock song that became an instant favourite at many of 2013’s UK indoor festivals.

Natives have found that fresh new sound that they were looking for, well layered trendy guitar riffs complimenting the energy that the band manage to pour into songs like ‘Big Plans’ and brand new single ‘Can’t Say No’, which you’re sure to hear more and more of as the year goes on, if there’s any justice in the music industry.

Since their formation two years ago, Natives have had stints on the festival circuit, supporting pop-rock heavyweights such as Mayday Parade and have even embarked on a headline tour of the own, as their profuse touring rallied up an impressive fanbase. Anyone who caught them in 2013 is sure to recognise ‘For Everything’ and ‘Ghost’, which have matured from live demos into solid album tracks thanks to the production of platinum-selling producer, John Feldman.

It’s always encouraging to see such a hard-working band be successful and follow through with all the potential they’ve shown and all of the hype they’ve generated. Natives have literally been to the Philippines and back in support of almost no released material and replied by debuting with 11 tracks of impressive anthems, all ready for your sun-filled playlists this summer.

It could be an exciting year for the band with ‘Indoor War’ finally behind them. They now have the opportunity to push on and make a big name for themselves in the pop-rock scene.

Written by Mike Heath