ALBUM: Nai Harvest – Whatever

Release Date: April 15th, 2013
Label: Dog Knights/Pinky Swear
Website: None available


With southerners Gnarwolves and Moose Blood leading something of an emo revival in the UK at the moment, it’s about time that we heard something from up north. It appears that Sheffield’s Nai Harvest have stepped up to the plate in grand fashion with debut release, ‘Whatever’.

With their hearts firmly on their sleeves, ‘Whatever’ pitches in with nine tracks packed to the brim with plucky underdog vocals, understated instrumentation and a hell of a lot of feelings. The opening title-track delivers all of the above and is pretty much a sign of things to come for the rest of the album. Not that that’s to its detriment in any way, every track here sounds wonderfully comfortable and nostalgically familiar.

That familiarity is exactly what the album owes so much of its undeniable charm to, where there isn’t anything particularly revolutionary on offer, every single track is top drawer. This is a band that sound the sum of their influences and one that pulls off the laid back, emotional vibe far more sincerely than most, something that much credit must be owed, considering that this is the band’s debut full-length.

It’s owing to that sincerity, this is a record that will be held in high regard amongst fans of the genre for some time and no doubt inspire some die-hard fandom. So get familiar with the name (actually, what is a ‘Nai’?), because you’re going to be seeing it a hell of a lot on t-shirts at shows for the foreseeable future.

Written by Ryan De Freitas