ALBUM: My Dying Bride – A Map Of All Our Failures

Release Date: October 15th, 2012
Label: Peaceville Records


It’s amazing how music can evoke emotions so easily. The emotion of the moment for My Dying Bride is sorrow. Sorrow, hopelessness, and despair. MDB truly are some unhappy chappies. ‘A Map Of All Our Failures’ is the band’s eleventh studio album, and one that won’t surprise any listeners.

It’s more of the same from the Bradford troupe; mournful doom that is the perfect accompaniment to a walk through a barren landscape before you commit suicide. Why people listen to such sad music when they’re already sad is a question that only they can answer. Maybe it’s for empathic reasons, or maybe they should just cheer the fuck up.

Even listening to just the guitar melodies on ‘A Map…’ makes your heart sink. Every note is minor; every note is designed to cut right to your core. Throw on top of that some occasional keyboarding and violining and you already want to slit your wrists. Frontman Aaron Stainthorpe mentioned in an interview for Terrorizer magazine how his weary vocals actually lighten the mood somewhat, and he’s probably right. Guitarist Andrew Craighan has described the album as “a controlled demolition of all your hopes”. These chaps are certainly poetic.

So, if you wake up and wish that the world would just fuck off, then make yourself some black coffee, ignore the judging stare of your shower, stick on ‘A Map Of All Our Failures’ and wallow in your own self-pity. If you ever decide to leave the house, maybe you could go and see MDB on tour. They play the Islington O2 Academy in London on the December 9th.

Written by MG Savage