ALBUM: Muskets – Chew

Release Date: October 20th 2017
Label: No Sleep Records


Brighton’s Muskets have quickly emerged themselves in the city’s always growing music scene, and connected themselves with like-minded people who hold a shared DIY ethos when it comes to producing grunge, punk, and emo sounds. Following the success of their previous EP, ‘Spin’, Muskets, consisting of Alex Cheung, Dan Smith, Joe Phillips, and Harry Steel are back with their debut album, ‘Chew’. Documenting the highs and lows of the reality of adulthood and pursuing a life in the music industry, the album doesn’t disappoint.

‘Chew’ is an album that successfully blends punk, grunge, and alternative to impressive effect. Beginning with ‘Pond Drop’ eases the listener in with a subtle drum and guitar before the overdrive kicks in, and there’s no turning back. A great album opener, it highlights the strong vocals of lead singer Alex Cheung, and the band’s ability to blend both vocals and melodies together without one becoming too powerful. Tracks such as ‘Frankie Stable’, ’17 years’, and ‘You’re So Cool’ similarly showcase Muskets‘ pure talent.

As a band that has developed their own sound of punk rock and grunge, ‘Chew’ is an album that proves that the band are capable of delivering both live and in the studio. ‘Chewing Gum’, a previous single, stands out as a more punk rock track amongst the mostly grunge heavy numbers littered here, highlighting the band’s incredible versatile sound. Most tracks on this album infuse high energetic sounds that, when played live, will take the tracks to another level. The energy behind each song is what makes ‘Chew’ such an incredible listen.

Despite the heavy grunge sound, Muskets vary their sound ‘Decay’, which sees the band turning the pace down ever so slightly, encompassing a more chilled out style. Strategically placed early on in the album, ‘Decay’ showcases the band’s versatile style before returning to their signature grunge.

From start-to-finish, ‘Chew’ is packed of riotous and bubbling energy. Muskets have created a solid record that has an incredible sound and is a serious statement of intent. Each track is equally as creative as the next, with incredible vocals and melodies, proving that Muskets have what it takes to make it far in this industry. The album will appeal to those who appreciate their sheer talent, as well as those who just enjoy a good adrenaline rush. An impressive debut album by a band who are very much doing things on their own terms.

Written by Hannah Strong (@hannaah_strong)