ALBUM: Monster Truck – Furiosity

Release Date: May 28th, 2013
Label: Dine Alone Records


Monster Truck is the name of a 4-piece rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Rocking a full time keyboardist, with a guitar, bass and drums in the mix, when you first hear Monster Truck, it just screams blues, but then you get slapped in the face with some classic rock. They also manage to sustain a cutting edge original sound throughout their tracks.

‘Furiosity’, the band’s debut full-length album, starts off with the tracks ‘Old Train’, ‘The Lion’ and ‘Power To The People’, which are all powerful tracks that every album needs to get the listener hooked.

Fourth track ‘Sweet Mountain River’ is the first song on the album that’s different to the radio edit, so for people that have heard this on the radio it’s a pleasant surprise when they get a bonus intro. ‘Psychics’ and ‘Oh Lord’ keep the pace going, making sure that the album doesn’t lacklustre and it’s also a good build up for the track ‘To The Sun’, which is the longest track the band have to offer. Clocking in with a total play time of 7:24; for both long-term fans and new listeners, it’s a rather pleasant surprise.

‘Boogie’ definitely gets you back into the spirit of things after their longest track if you just so happened to zone out and they carry on smashing the riffs all through ‘Undercover Love’, ‘The Giant’ and ‘Call It A Spade’, which for some bands it’s hard to do without becoming repetitive and having the songs sound the same. The album finishes with ‘My Love Is True’, a great closing track ending with some beautiful clean vocals giving you that impression that the album is indeed coming to a close.

Overall, if anyone hears the name Monster Truck, not a lot of people cotton on to the fact that it’s a band as well as the giant vehicle that’s driven to crush cars with no real purpose, but hopefully the Canadian four piece can change that. After the release of ‘Furiosity’, they’ve started rising to prominence outside of their homeland within the last few months, so big things are in store for this band from now on.

Written by Lauryn Paige