ALBUM: Mixtapes – Ordinary Silence

Release Date: June 25th, 2013
Label: No Sleep Records


Mixtapes are from Cincinnati and they play pop-punk… oh, and they’re bloody great. If bands like We Are The In Crowd could be as pure and as fun as this band, the world would be a much better place. Pop-punk is a genre that often feels about as honest and authentic as Justin Bieber, so when you get a band like this who are a serious joy to listen to, it’s a real blast.

The first two tracks on this album instantly make you feel more excited about listening to a pop-punk record than you’ve ever been, especially ‘Ross (Dirty Water)’, which is one that should be on repeat because of its sheer fun and energy that will, if nothing else, just cheer you up. Duel vocalists Maura Weaver and Ryan Rockwell bounce off each other so well on this record and you can hear their chemistry ringing out through each track. On ‘Elevator Days’, that chemistry pulls through and actually gives the track an emotive feel, even if it isn’t completely serious in every aspect.

This is the sort of band that in a selfish way you don’t actually want to reach the mainstream completely because their music is so perfect at the minute, and giving them huge success would probably alter their style in some way. But, in all seriousness, they do deserve to reach a larger audience and be more successful because of how unremittingly enjoyable this album is.

It’s hard to pick out many negatives from this album. The slower songs, like ‘You Look Like Springtime’, do at times sound a little lethargic, but even then they are still of such high quality that it’s difficult to have much of a gripe with them. The only notable problem is that the last section of the album is weaker than the beginning of the record and it definitely feels like the album bows out a little on the soft side. However, ‘Ordinary Silence’ is an album that should be heard far and wide by people who love this genre of music, or even just rock fans because there’s something on here for everyone.

Written by Greg Spencer

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