ALBUM: Miss May I – Shadows Inside

Release Date: June 2nd 2017
Label: Sharptone Records


‘Shadows Inside’ sees Ohio based metalcore five-piece Miss May I release their sixth full-length record within their thus far 10-year lifespan. To have achieved this over the course of a decade you’d have thought their sound would’ve developed and matured, but it seems to be another stagnant sounding production.

There’s some undeniable stompers on the 34 minutes of material presented, but the problem is that you’d be hard pressed to differentiate anything showcased here with any choice of song that you may go for on their previous outings.

The album kicks off with the title-track, and straight away you’re hit with the classic in-your-face circle pit inducing fury of Miss May I, and its highlight definitely coming in the form of Ryan Neff‘s soaring cleans in the chorus. Sadly, the fist pumping ends pretty quickly come next track ‘Under Fire’, which despite another infectious offering from Neff, is metalcore-by-numbers.

The hit or massive miss dynamic seems to continue in a similar fashion for the rest of the record, as does Neff‘s singing being the primary drawing point remain consistent. ‘Crawl’ in particularly holds a pretty ironic name; the ballad-esque offering really dragging any momentum gained to an absolute crawling pace.

Whilst there are moments dotted throughout ‘Shadows Inside’ that will make any head banger content and have you moshing in your living room, street, car, or wherever you may be listening to it without restraint, you just can’t help but feel it has been plucked straight from the mid-00s and just struggles to stay above the ever-expanding metalcore pack.

Ultimately, ‘Shadows Inside’ is an effort that is nothing more than disappointing.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)