ALBUM: Minus The Bear – Voids

Release Date: March 3rd 2017
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records


‘Voids’ took Minus The Bear five years to make following the release of ‘Infinity Overhead’ back in 2012. It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Still, fans of the Washington quartet will be aware that Jake Snider, Dave Knudson, Cory Murchy, and Alex Rose have had a lot on their plates in that time.

The band toured the USA in celebration of their EP ‘They Make Beer Commercials Like This’ turning ten years old, and then treated fans to ‘Lost Loves’; a collection of b-sides and other rarities. In January 2015, the band announced on social media that their drummer Erin Tate, a founding member, would be parting ways with the band due to “creative and personal differences”. Taking all of this into account, it can be understood why Minus The Bear needed to take the time before releasing new music.

Thankfully, they haven’t seemed to lose their bright pseudo electronic indie style. ‘Last Kiss’, the album’s first single, kicks off the record and it’s like it was yesterday that ‘Infinity Overhead’ was released. However, the album seems to plateau pretty quickly after the song wraps up. ‘Give & Take’ and ‘Call The Cops’ seem rather bland as they follow on and unfortunately, this seems to set the tone for the rest of the album.

‘Silver’ is a particular highlight, as it features a guitar solo that can only really be initially described as ‘tasty’. This track, and ‘Invisible’, seem like obvious single choices.

It becomes apparent quickly that there seems to be a common theme of loss amongst some of these songs, particularly towards the latter part of the album. ‘Erase’ showcases Snider‘s mellow vocals as he sings “I don’t want any memory of you / I don’t have the patience to spend on you”. Are these lyrics about Erin, their ex-drummer? Perhaps, even, the album was aptly named after the drummer departed, leaving the band with a void that would be filled by somebody else?

‘Voids’ really is Minus The Bear doing what they do best – releasing an inoffensive album that would compliment a lazy Sunday morning, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Written by Kat Haugh (@this_is_mouse)