ALBUM: Millionaires – Your Girl Does Party

Release Date: May 15th, 2012
Label: Unsigned


Known to be more of a pair of party animals than anything close to the form of respectable musicians, Millionaires have received more than their fair share of hate from the music scene since they hit the scene back in 2007/2008. Recently reduced down from a trio, the two remaining party girls and sisters Melissa and Allison Green have gone and released a free-to-download mixtape, aptly titled ‘Your Girl Does Party’, tiding over ’til the release of their debut full-length for the fans a little longer.

‘Your Girl Does Party’ however acts far more as an album than it does a mixtape, and showcases a slight turn in style for the Green sisters, opting towards more of a rap and hip-hop route than their more accessible pop beginnings. Still, their potty mouths keep things filthy lyrically, keeping their short range of topics of sex, drinking, partying and being a “boss bitch” as the only policies of the Millionaires manifesto.

Clearly, those seeking a serious and thought provoking release here are going to be excessively disappointed. But, Millionaires aren’t and never were an act out there to create music to change the world or to set records. The girls are here to create fun, albeit crude and explicit party music, and with ‘Your Girl Does Party’ they’ve certainly achieved it. ‘Ratchet’ is the first major hook filled track you’re hit with. The chorus hook latches on and is hard to shake off. The same can be said for the likes of ‘Pop Rocks’, ‘Drinks On Me Remix’ and one of the very rare more pop driven and less sex ridden tracks, ‘Dat Boi’.

This mixtape is scattered with annoying traits however. The constant inserts of “you girl does party”, the over production on a lot of the vocals (namely the overly low male vocals dotted about) and the over arching story of a boy getting mad at his girl over the phone for going on a night out seems a little pointless in the whole scheme of things. It just seems unrelated to the order of the tracks.

Millionaires probably aren’t going to turn the minds of any of the haters they’ve received since they came into the spotlight, and no doubt they’ll probably attract a few more with anyone who does enjoy them claiming them to be nothing more than a guilty pleasure. Credit is due for them sticking to their guns and a definite progression has been made since their earlier days. More work is still needed, but those looking for something to party along to could do far worse. Infact, I kinda want to party with them.

Written by Zach Redrup