ALBUM: Millionaires – Tonight

Release Date: March 13th, 2013
Label: Unsigned


Can two girls really change the way music is created? One of the most interesting albums to grace the music industry, ‘Tonight’, is Millionaires first album in their six years of activity. To sum it up, they’re not quite what you would expect, but then again, if you think a quick introduction to GarageBand will make you a success then you deserve every bit of criticism.

The fierce Californian duo Millionaires taunt us yet again with another ear bleeder. ‘Tonight’ is the first full-length release, still compact with overdubbed vocals and bizarre lyrics that make you want to rip it out of your CD drive.

An album dedicated to making money for all the wrong reasons, with nothing more than legs and boobs on show, they’d be better off in the red lights. It’s electro-pop at its worst and, if you thought Blood On The Dance Floor were a treat for the ears, then Millionaires will be rolling it in. The MySpace era has made a jump for 2013, clinging onto everything it occupied a decade ago.

Opener ‘Put It In The Air’ puts the entire album into perspective, as a sleazy overworked duo that have lost sight (if they had any) of real music. Their passion is the only clear thing running throughout, but whether it’s passion for the music or passion for the reels of dollar signs, it still creates an impact.

They’re a pair of girls who, after stumbling onto GarageBand, feel the need to share their enticing lyrics; “Party under the sheets, I make you beg / Never going to leave my king size bed” (see ‘Kitty Go Hello’). It isn’t just the lyrics that make this album so ‘quirky’, but the track names ‘Kitty Go Hello’ and ‘Dat Boi’ are prime examples of two girls wanting to make it by any means possible and it’s a poor effort.

Millionaires are made for partying. Their music is for the young party scene of American teens, but other than that there isn’t a need for such wasteful music. If you manage to push yourself towards to final part of the album, tracks like ‘K Thx Bye’ and ‘Jack’ appear to pull the trigger. The whiney attitude and the obvious push towards sex and alcohol is a constant, but that’s the running theme throughout.

If girls creating music about their ambitions to make money, drink and to have sex is the perfect antidote to start your night, then ‘Tonight’ is perfect. But, if not, then why endure 36 minutes of taunting electro-pop for nothing?

Written by Yasmin La Ronde