ALBUM: Millencolin – True Brew

Release Date: April 27th 2015
Label: Epitaph Records


There comes a point in every band’s career where they release a back-to-their-roots album. This often comes after several stale, monotonous albums that bands create out of contractual obligation or sheer habit *cough* Electric Six *cough* Reel Big Fish *cough* *cough*. Sorry, sore throat. The return to the origins albums are always a breath of fresh air, for both the artist and the listener. Take a look at Staind‘s self-titled album or Korn‘s ‘Remember Who You Are’, which were acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Well, most of them anyway.

While the post-‘Pennybridge Pioneers’ Millencolin albums haven’t been stale exactly, they have lacked their distinct simple punk rock prowess. Thankfully, latest effort ‘True Brew’ breaks this norm and is a glorious reform of Millencolin at their finest. It’s clear these punky Swedes have meticulously crafted this album, seven years in the making it’s simply jam packed with spectacular punk rock anthems akin to that of Bad Religion and The Offspring.

Not only are the songs excellent, but the musicianship is outstanding. Though, considering that they have over 22 years of experience under their collective belts, you wouldn’t expect anything less. From the relentless, full throttled ‘Silent Suicide’ that wouldn’t be out of place on a PS2 Burnout soundtrack to the emotional and stunning ‘Wall Of Doubt’, ‘True Brew’ ticks all the right boxes of an ideal punk rock album.

Though it may sound a tad samey after thirteen songs, you could also argue that they’re just being consistent. While energetic and accessible, ‘True Brew’ isn’t here to revolutionise the punk rock genre. Instead, it’s to show that this big Millencolin dog has still got one hell of a bite.

Written by Andy Roberts (@Sassesquatch)