ALBUM: Me Vs. Hero – I’m Completely Fine

Release Date: September 1st, 2014
Label: Banquet Records
Website: None available


With the unclouded joys of pop-punk scaling new peaks of adoration in 2014, the long awaited return of Blackpool quintet Me Vs. Hero couldn’t be more apt. Four years on since their debut full-length, ‘Days That Shape Our Lives’, certain evolution has undoubtedly seen the band gain ground on their runaway contemporaries (see Neck Deep et al), and what’s more has ensured ‘I’m Completely Fine’ to be a thoroughly loveable, adrenalized shot of sing-a-long jubilant.

Reigning in much of the hardcore dabbling of earlier efforts, this is a sophomore which deals in the very essence of pop-punk merriment: infectious rhythmic bounce and colossal chorus hooks. The likes of a hip swinging ‘Things We Know’ and lead single ‘Marks Of A Slave’ are wrought with all the wide screen melody and sun-drenched riffage a’ la the staple genre blueprint, yet are delivered with a real sting in the tail passion and rollicking charm. Just check out the less than minute long ‘Home Alone’ for a impeccable distillation of all that makes ‘I’m Completely Fine’ a triumph.

It may be fair to say that there’s little setting Me Vs. Hero apart from their peers, yet encapsulating all the songwriting know how and belly fire hunger of a band ready to take on pop-punk’s top tier, ‘I’m Completely Fine’ has all of the posi-jams needed to shoulder past the dregs and towards the big leagues.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)