ALBUM: Matty Mullins – Unstoppable

Release Date: April 21st 2017
Label: BEC Recordings


It’s been three years since Memphis May Fire vocalist Matty Mullins released his self-titled solo debut into the world. Now, ‘Unstoppable’ has emerged after the release of his band’s deluxe version of ‘Unconditional’ and their latest full-length, ‘This Light I Hold’.

The self-titled debut was much more of a crossover pop-rock album. The songs were produced like pop songs but had rock melodies, pushing Mullins‘ vocal performance. However, this time the vocal melodies seem to sit very comfortably within his range. It might seem like a pedantic observation to many, but the difference means that ‘Unstoppable’ lacks power and passion, which is ironic considering the subject matter.

If you didn’t already know, Mullins‘ solo music is dedicated to his relationship with God and his Christian faith. Whether or not you share the same faith is one question, but what cannot go unheard is ‘Unstoppable’‘s pristine production, although anything less would seem out of place on an album of this nature.

Mullins has proven himself on countless occasions to be a strong songwriter, but ‘Unstoppable’ has a hook wherever you turn, which ends up seeming lacklustre, insincere, and pop-by-numbers. ‘I Choose You’ is where this rings particularly true; the underlying shouts of “hey” in the chorus is very common amongst pop production at the moment.

Will this album win over any new fans? It probably will, but one could suggest that they would come from an entirely different place than Mullins‘ previous efforts. This is an album made for radio play, but it’s unlikely it will stand out amongst the current pop market. However, the Christian music department is considerably smaller than the mainstream so perhaps it’ll have more fortune there.

Written by Kat Haugh (@this_is_mouse)

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