ALBUM: Martyr Defiled – No Hope No Morality

Release Date: April 29th, 2014
Label: Siege Of Amidia Records
Website: None available


On the lead up to the release of their second full-length effort, ‘No Hope No Morality’, Lincoln based deathcore troupe Martyr Defiled promised us that what they were about to deliver with this record is easily the heaviest thing they’ve ever done and the reasonable next step to follow after 2012’s ‘In Shadows’ EP. On both accounts, they’re bang on. If you ever wondered what the soundtrack to the deepest depths of Hell was, this is absolutely it.

Opening track, ‘LVCIFER’, sounds as if it was crafted by its namesake, equipped with a relentlessly crushing breakdown before frontman Matt Jones repeatedly shrieks “I’m going to Hell” with such conviction, you actually believe he’s slowly plummeting through the cracks of the Earth to an eternity of damnation. Right away we’re shoved back into the thick with the high octane ‘Demons In The Mist’, with piercing guitar tapping that comes at you like acid rain, and it’s clear from here on out that this album is a monolithic beast that cannot be tamed.

‘Of Sheep And Swine’ arguably stands as the album’s most melodic and accessible track, if it can even be described as that. The riff work from both David Trees and Ryan Smith is as menacing as ever, before the track’s hook of a gig crowd shout-along to be “Give up, you’re wasting away / There’s no hope left to live for / Give up, your plan is faulty / This is the end, and you know it” a definite live favourite in the making. We’re also granted with ‘616’, a track that really shows off Jones‘ vocal chops as a strong contender in British deathcore and, combined with the destructive drum work of Richard Duffin, has all the makings of what Satan would play to lead his army into battle upon humankind.

What adds an extra refreshing element to the already bulked up Martyr Defiled regime in ‘No Hope No Morality’ is the inclusion of Trees‘ frantic and lacerating screams. Against Jones‘ roars, it sounds more off the cuff, more human and less demonic, as heard in ‘Neverender’ and the aforementioned ‘Demons In The Mist’, the former of the two also bringing a groove bounce that could be the easiest entry point for newcomers to the Martyr Defiled world.

The thing that keeps Martyr Defiled an interesting prospect in the deathcore market is their ability to always outdo themselves release after release. What ‘No Hope No Morality’ encompasses is a filter of the best bits from the band’s previous efforts, boiled in Hades’ kitchen with tortured souls and then releases unto the world. Those who have direct connections to the likes of Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder or Carnifex give them a warning: watch out for these guys. They’re already biting at their heels, so don’t be surprised if they stand toe-to-toe with these contemporaries sooner rather than later.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)