ALBUM: Low Level Flight – Through These Walls

Release Date: October 31st, 2011
Label: Brave Rekords


Charting three top ten singles in their native Canada with their debut album ‘Urgency’, Low Level Flight‘s brand of alternative pop-rock obviously struck a chord with a great number of people. Listening to them, this is certainly not surprising, as their inoffensive and safe songs are entirely accessible, and with a slight indie flavour only increasing their trendiness, it seems the band were tailor made for success.

‘Through These Walls’ looks set to continue their prosperity. Retaining the gentle choruses such as on second single ‘Brooklyn Radio’ and the playful ‘Raining Castles’, coupled with some very U2-esque riffing, especially on the closing title-track, which builds slowly with some delicately picked lead lines, and here we have a glut of songs which comply with the commercial alternative rock textbook to a tee.

And, of course, it is here that the problem lies. Remaining consistent is one thing, but with a complete lack of edge or creative flair, the record proves to be very one paced, and ultimately dull. The hooks themselves, for the most part, suffer from an acutely subdued delivery, and it’s only on the more up tempo numbers (which are very much few and far between) such as album highlight ‘Cast Diversion’ where we are treated with a hugely welcome dose of energy.

It seems apparent that Low Level Flight are content with playing it safe with their second album. Although not a bad effort, ‘Through These Walls’ has done next to nothing to progress the band’s sound. Indeed, with the achievements of their debut still fresh in their minds, perhaps it is a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, yet there’s only so far sticking rigidly to the formula can take them.

Written by Tony Bliss