ALBUM: Long Distance Calling – TRIPS

Release Date: April 29th 2016
Label: InsideOut Music


Although their expansive post-rock remains largely comprised of instrumental wayfaring and unabashed progressive themes, the introduction of an enhanced vocal element some years ago (provided here by Norwegian singer/songwriter Petter Carlsen) saw a slight reinvention from Long Distance Calling.

Indeed, the quintet’s sixth full-length, ‘TRIPS’, harnesses the singer’s gold plated pipes with perhaps more traditional, big chorus bluster than we have seen from the band yet, the rich melodic power of ‘Reconnect’ and ‘Lines’ benefiting from explosive, supercharged hooks. It’s something that Long Distance Calling would do well to explore further, as even despite the complimentary tunefulness from Carlsen, the overwhelming majority of ‘TRIPS’ seems content to wallow in its meandering synth-rock template which, whilst occasionally throwing up a cool riff or two (‘Trauma’), quickly begins to come across as rather uneventful and aimless (especially across a nigh on hour running time).

Beyond the huge vocal moments, it’s largely forgettable fare, and regrettably suffers from some of the obvious pitfalls of how progressive music can easily become a tedious, long winded affair when not imbued with the sort of songwriting suss and fresh ideas to truly capture the audience’s attention.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)