ALBUM: Long Distance Calling – The Flood Inside

Release Date: March 4th, 2013
Label: Superball Music


German post-rock band Long Distance Calling have been around the music scene since 2006 and are now at the stage of album number four, ‘The Flood Inside’. They have been seen to play festivals such as Rock AM Ring and Roadburn. The album features eight songs, each one over six minutes in length and heavily instrumental.

The first song, ‘Nucleus’, is completely instrumental. It’s a great way to start the album, bringing the listener big expectations. Although the song isn’t fast, it features a number of different styles, showing off what the band are capable of. ‘Inside The Flood’, the second song on the album, is one where vocalist Martin Fischer‘s voice can be heard. It’s an eerie Muse-like tone over atmospheric and almost hypnotising riffs.

‘The Flood Inside’ is a slightly difficult album to get into and takes a few listens to actually get the real feel of Long Distance Calling‘s style. There’s a lot packed into each song, including impressive drums and hard hitting riffs, but the vocals have a hard time sneaking their way into the music.

The stand-out track of the album is definitely ‘The Man Within’, which has a faster more punk feel to it. It’s also a track that Fischer sings on. This track is most easily deciphered from the rest of the album and certainly the most unique.

Disappointingly, the album is slightly repetitive, but has its perks such as a haunting radio snippet in ‘Waves’ and songs such as ‘The Man Within’ and ‘Tell The End’. This album is definitely for an acquired taste, but it’s easy to pick out parts of it that lots of people will like.

Even though the album takes more than one listen to get the full effect of it, Long Distance Calling have created a special kind of music that fans can get lost in.

Written by Caitlyn Dewar