ALBUM: Lonely Robot – Please Come Home

Release Date: February 23rd 2015
Label: Inside Out Music
Website: None available


‘Please Come Home’ is one of the albums that needs to be listened to from top to bottom, lying on your bed with your eyes closed as it takes you on a journey throughout outer space using proggy riffs, light synths, and a strong atmosphere that would make it the perfect soundtrack to a sci-fi film.

The album is the latest by producer and guitarist John Mitchell (Kino/It Bites/Frost*/Arena) supported by Nick Beggs (Steve Hackett/Kajagoogoo) on bass and Craig Blundell on drums; and also features several guest stars, including none other than actor Lee Ingleby (who plays Stan Shunpike in the Harry Potter films) narrating ‘Lonely Robot’ and ‘A Godless Sea’.

The former of the two, from which the band take their name, is an eight minute long epic which switches from quiet vocals to heavy instrumental sections. John Mitchell uses his experience and vision to combine the prog sound with almost catchy pop choruses, shown on songs like ‘Oubliette’ and ‘The Boy In The Radio’. ‘Are We Copies?’ has a darker tone than some of the other songs, whilst staying in line with the theme, bringing prog music to a wider audience by mixing it with pop melodies for a larger appeal.

Overall, ‘Please Come Home’ comes across as a cross between Pink Floyd and David Bowie, with an epic space adventure that can broaden the appeal of prog and open the minds of the listener.

Written by Rhys Hawke