ALBUM: Lock & Key – Peaceless

Release Date: April 8th 2016
Label: Crooked Noise Records


Deftly marrying traditional hardcore values with thrash precision and a dose of metallic oomph, Lock & Key‘s ferocious approach sees them sit somewhat apart from their peers in that, despite the thudding rhythmic clout of modern metal, there is a tangible old school intensity here:

After a handful of well received singles and an EP, this debut full-length doesn’t stray often from the band’s rollicking blueprint, instead sharpening and refining their pit-anthem sound to a scalpel keen edge. Indeed, opening track ‘Hostile’ is as punishing as Lock & Key have sounded yet, all muscular grooves and brutish breakdowns, whereas the likes of ‘No Justice’ (complete with clean vocal chorus) give way to a smattering of melodic hardcore sensibilities which may hint at a more commercial appeal from the Midlands quintet in the coming years.

Having said this although, ‘Peaceless’ is a record defined by its street-tough savagery and basement show aesthetic, delivering huge ballsy hooks and blasts of hardcore aggression straight out of the Hatebreed/American Nightmare playbook. Tailor made for crowd participation, this record equips Lock & Key with all they need to truly bulldoze the UK live circuit in 2016. A fantastic debut.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)