ALBUM: Living With Lions – Holy Shit

Release Date: May 17th, 2011
Label: Adeline Records
Website: None available


‘Holy Shit’ is the third offering by Canada’s Living With Lions (or should I say, turd offering! That right, I made a poo joke, big whoop, wanna fight about it?). Sticking with the poo jokes, this album has already caused a bit of a stink (man, I’m good at this). The album itself looks a lot like the bible, and it doesn’t help matters it’s also subtitled “the poo testament” and it also depicts Jesus as a cartoon turd. This has somehow managed to outrage a few Canadian Christians. Lighten up a little, eh?

They sound like New Found Glory fronted by Mark Hoppus, and with the opening track ‘Pieces’ sounding virtually identical to Blink-182‘s ‘Anthem Part 2’ you get the sense of here-we-go-again generic pop-punk. Then it kicks in, and you discover it is just generic pop-punk. You’ve got the song about your ex, subtly titled ‘The Regret Song’, filled with mediocre metaphors that 14-year-olds love to cling to (we’ve all been there). Then there’s the bouncy one, ‘Honestly, Honestly’ in this case, and not forgetting the punk heavy one ‘In Your Light’. As a pop-punk album, it ticks all the right boxes. As an album itself, it’s distinctly meh.

Referring back to ‘Honestly, Honestly’, what is it with pop-punk bands and the word “down”? Seriously, every one of them overuses it to the point where you think they may have down-syndrome (for any lawyers out there, this is a pun, I repeat, this is a pun, I am NOT calling any bands retarded. I repeat, it’s a pun, okay? Good).

I’m not saying Living With Lions are a bad band, far from it. They are a bunch of talented guys who make good quality songs. The problem is that said songs are arriving on the scene about 7 years too late. Their stuff is nothing new, and it’s that crushing fact that makes this album just another pop-punk album. It’s pretty standard shit, nothing holy about it. There are a few hidden gems on here though. ‘Maple Drive Is Still Alive’, ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘Matthews Anthem’ are some of the better songs and may just make their way into your playlist.

Written by Andy Roberts

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