ALBUM: Landscapes – Modern Earth

Release Date: April 8th 2016
Label: Pure Noise Records


With the sheer wealth of melodic hardcore acts striving to keep their heads above water, a touch of star quality is more crucial than ever to break away from the pool of massing hopefuls. Somerset five-piece Landscapes pedal a brand of emotive aggression that calls to mind a host of their peers and forerunners, yet their sophomore LP, ‘Mother Earth’, somewhat manages to quash any thoughts of commercial ascent with a fatal lack of real songs, and a functional if uninteresting display of obvious melodic bluster.

Indeed, between the moments of dewy eyed sincerity (‘Escapism’) and almost anthemic punk ‘n’ roll oomph (‘Observer’/‘Radiance’), there is little doubt that the band are more than accomplished in subtly blending cathartic attack and sweetly understated melody. The issue with ‘Mother Earth’, though, is that looking beyond the youthful clamour there’s little to take away, and amongst its eleven track duration nothing begs for repeat listens or leaves anything like a lasting impression.

Having said this, Landscapes still bubble with potential, their ability to portray brittle sentiment and brutish clout coming across with all the integrity of hardcore’s best. Relying too heavily on these genre troupes, however, it is with a serious upswerve in songwriting strength and a focus on memorable tunes that Landscapes can then begin trading blows at the top.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)