ALBUM: Lamb Of God – Resolution

Release Date: January 24th, 2012
Label: Roadrunner Records


No band in modern metal can claim to have made an impact on the global scene quite like Lamb Of God. From their formulative years as death/grinders Burn The Priest, they have consistently released stellar album after stellar album, constantly improving their craft before 2006’s ‘Sacrament’ launced them into heavyweight status. Following with the punishingly heavy ‘Wrath’ in 2009, many have scoffed at the band’s ability to top what was hailed as their best effort to date. Those people will soon be eating their words.

The band open things up with what is one of many welcome departures in sound scattered throughout ‘Resolution’. ‘Straight For The Sun’ is a massive, hulking, groove flinging introduction which pulls us in with its heaving, bile filled intensity, rumbling forebodingly with a riff lifted straight from the Iommi textbook. It’s certainly a surprisingly and undeniably crushing take off to the album, yet things are quickly brought back to familiar territory as ‘Desolation’ and ‘Ghost Walking’ treat us to some vintage Lamb Of God flavour pummelling, rattling along with all the stacks of riffage and chorus hooks we have come to expect from the Virginian quintet.

Indeed, what has, particularly of recent times, been somewhat of a speciality of the band, crafting songs which may contain little melody yet are still utterly brimming with mammoth hooks, is in as ruder health than it has ever been here. Refrains such as the venomous “I am the one who’s left to take the fall” in the pacey number ‘The Undertow’, whilst remaining sincerely enraged, manages to catch as firmly as any Killswitch Engage chorus you could name. It doesn’t take long to realize that Randy Blythe‘s almost dementedly ferocious delivery throughout is certainly the standout performance of ‘Resolution’. Just check out ‘Visitation’ or ‘Terminally Unique’, on both of which he sounds as though he is spitting blood.

Special mention also must be given to album closer ‘King Me’, which proves to be the most ambitious track the band have released to date. Beginning with some slow burning spoken word refrains (replete with some subtle operatic vocals), the song soon explodes into a huge, string led passage as we begin to eb and flow between southern fried guitar battery and soaring instrumental sections dominated by a soulful choir melody. The juxtaposition here makes for a haunting listen, as Randy‘s high pitched shrieks combine with the towering harmony with a rather devastating outcome.

‘Resolution’ sees Lamb Of God on top of their game. As the band continue to further the belief that they are simply incapable of writing a dissapointing release, their willingness to experiment here has paid off in ways which doesn’t compromise in the slightest the signature assualt that they have honed to a lethal degree. Pleasing die-hard fans and adding to the mix that which has the potential to ensnare new devotees, ‘Resolution’Written by Tony Bliss

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