ALBUM: Kublai Khan – Nomad

Release Date: September 29th 2017
Label: Rise Records


In July, Texans Kublai Khan announced that they’d be releasing a new full-length album, ‘Nomad’, and that it would be put out via a different label than their first two records, Artery Recordings. This new label? Rise Records.

‘Ant Pile’ is the first track, and you’re first hit with a brutal chugging guitar intro, which boils over into a huge beat down. This track blends very fluidly into the next, ‘True Fear’. It’s an absolute jam, and it’s one of those songs that will have you air drumming and head banging while walking along the street, driving to work, or even walking up and down the aisles doing your shopping at your local supermarket.

Something that is very noticeable across this record is frontman Matt Honeycutt‘s lyrical content. ‘8 Years’ is a song about a drink drive, hit and run that hit bassist Eric English‘s brother, who tragically died as a result of the incident. Everything seems so come to a massive climax at the end of the song, and Honeycutt adds in, “Thomas Torn, this one’s for you. / No forgiveness.”

‘Nomad’ is one of those hardcore/metalcore albums where it’s not just all about all out aggression and they don’t care about the content. This is an album that has a bit of everything. The music itself has definitely taken a step up from previous releases too, and everyone gets their time to shine, whether it’s Isaac lamb‘s chest thumping percussion, or Nolan Ashley‘s guitar riffs tipping us over the edge to a breakdown capable of shattering glass.

The only bad track on the album is the closer, ‘River Walker’. It’s very different from the rest, and borders into the territory of 80s metal. But, all in all, ‘Nomad’ is a stellar release, and this album is just the first of many for a band paving the way for a huge future.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)