ALBUM: Krokodil – Nachash

Release Date: November 10th, 2014
Label: Spinefarm Records


It would be very easy to ignore Krokodil, a new band featuring members of various bands that have and do exist in the UK. Their live career began at Download Festival, they were labelled as ‘hardcore’ (vague as fuck), and they include BBC Radio 1‘s Daniel P. Carter. ‘Nachash’ is a chance to hear some recorded material from the six-piece, and it’s not exactly what you’d expect.

Krokodil are completed by of Laurent Barnard (guitars, Gallows), Dan Foord (drums, SikTh), James Leach (bass, SikTh & The Hell), Simon Wright (vocals, Liber Necris), and newly revealed Slipknot bassist, Alex Venturella (guitars). It’s not exactly a who’s who of metal, but it certainly piques the interest and immediately puts the band on a pedestal.

The drug Krokodil is a cheap substitute for heroin that causes skin peeling amongst other things, and that’s exactly what happens to you listening to ‘Nachash’. It’s meaty riffs are peppered along a route that travels away from the beaten track.

‘Nachash’ begins ominously with ‘Shatter’ and ‘Skin Of The Earth’, at which point it looks like Krokodil are going for the sludge/hardcore vibe, but after that point the record hits open seas and there are all sorts of odd things going on. ‘Dead Man’s Path’ has an Every Time I Die section, ‘Reptilia Familiar’ sounds a bit like Mastodon, and ‘Ragnarock’ is a quiet instrumental number.

The highlight here is probably ‘Sun Riders’, which excellent melds together lyrical content and musical structure. ‘Nachash’ is clearly influenced heavily by Mastodon, as evidenced by the numerous tie-ins between the two bands, but Krokodil are just a tad heavier than their peers. ‘Nachash’ takes you dangerously close to overdosing on beard, not only in visual elements, but via the sheer manliness of most of the music. It would be wise to lock all your doors and have your shotgun loaded and ready to go before you start blasting this music out.

Written by MG Savage (@MGSavagewriter)

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