ALBUM: KISS – Destroyer: Resurrected

Release Date: August 20th, 2012
Label: Mercury


To some, if not most, the 1976 multi-platinum album that is ‘Destroyer’ by iconic rock band KISS was the gateway drug into rock ‘n’ roll. To many, this album was more than just an album; it was a bible or monument of hope when many thought of rock music as blasphemy. And today, to mark 30 years since its original release, this historic album has been re-mixed and re-mastered by its original producer, Bob Ezrin, and re-released as ‘Destroyer: Resurrected’. Just the name gives you chills.

Among its original production, Bob has introduced the use of sound effects such as the screaming children over Gene‘s vocals in ‘God Of Thunder’ as well as the use of strings and eerie drum beats. In its hay day, ‘Destroyer’ hit No. 11 on the Billboard chart, despite the anger of the common day house wife who deemed their music unsuitable for their childrens’ ears, but guaranteed nearly every teenager was listening to it anyway, completely ignoring their parents’ criticisms.

Upon the album is the hit top ten single and heart-warming love ballad, ‘Beth’, which in this re-mixed and re-mastered recording sounds as crisp and authentic as if we were still living in the 70s. This version, however, includes the original voice recording of drummer Peter Criss, just adding an extra cherry on top of an already perfect cake. The legendary tune ‘Detroit Rock City’ inspired not only the hearts of many rock fans but even the movie makers as it became the soul influence of the movie, ‘Detroit Rock City’, hence the name. And even in this resurrected version, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe for such a masterpiece. This remanded version captures a deeper, raw version of the song as Ezrin brings out the dynamic drums and grumbling bass lines more.

Also appearing on the resurrected version is the alternative guitar solo for ‘Sweet Pain’, which was originally scrapped. This version doesn’t make the song better or worse, it just adds a completely different sense of admiration for this band that have touched to many lives.

Let’s not forget those all important classics, ‘Shout It Out Loud’ and ‘Do You Love Me?’, which only add to the raw, powerful sound that penetrates through the speakers when this album is playing. But, the best thing about this album is the authentic, original artwork that was once deemed too controversial at the time of its making. See the band dressed in their full costumes, standing on the ruins of the broken city which their music is burning down, which is exactly what they did thirty years ago with this album. This album was the soul maker of rock ‘n’ roll and shattered mainstream music to pieces.

So, kneel before the greatest rock band of all time, and experience them in all their glory with this remarkable new release. ‘Destroyer: Resurrected’ is out now, so make sure you get your copy so you can educate your grandkids on this phenomenal band.

Written by Louisa Smith